Cranky Kevin Appears on 7.30 Report.

The Prime Minister who seems to want to please everyone and is always so polite showed cranky side on ABC’s 7.30 Report last night.

In what was described as Latham like, Kevin Rudd snapped at Kerry O’Brien during an interview when Kerry Obrien challenged Kevin Rudd about his apparent back down from his proposed ETS legislation.

“Now it might be easy for you to sit in 7.30 Report-land and say that was easy to do. Let me tell you mate, it wasn’t.” was the sentence that has caused people to sit up and take notice of side of Kevin Rudd they haven’t seen before, though it could be the side that Airforce hostesses parlimentary staff and soldiers in Iraq have seen before.

ALP colleagues have defended the reaction as evidence of Kevin Rudd committed stance on the ETS policy but you can’t help but think that it was a clever “bloking up” of the somewhat “unblokey” (yeah my word, probably not real but I will lobby the Maquarie Dictionary) Kevin.

Kevin Rudd is a person that doesn’t seem to do anything by accident and is quite adept at the spin game and this performance just has me thinking “fair shake of the sauce bottle Kevin”.

Well maybe it the real Kevin creeping out under the pressure of an upcoming election or maybe it is the passionate Kevin. Who ever it is I would like to see more of him. It could make for some entertaining electioneering and it will keep those journalist on their toes wondering when he will explode before their very eyes.

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