Grubby Politics? and Roads to nowhere.

It seems that the NSW Labor Government can’t get an even break these days. Part of this is their won fault and other parts are, for want of a better word, bad luck.
The latest set back to befall the NSW Government are the David Campbell Affair and the revelation that no major improvements are going to be made to the road system until 2026.
My feeling on the David Campbell affair is that it is a case of grubby politics. I can’t help but feel that this has come out at such an opportune time for the Liberal Opposition and at a target they wanted for such a long time.
The fact that David Campbell is gay does not affect his ability to represent his constituents and carry out his ministerial duties. Perhaps being hidden does damage his credibility a bit but I can understand why he did chose to hide his sexuality. He grew up and would have come to realise his sexuality in less accepting times and effects of passed attitudes would have been heavily imprinted in his mind making it scary to come out in the first place and almost impossible to come out once he had created his life with a heterosexual cloak. You can only imagine how he could have felt all these years.
Anyway moving on. I feel this is mostly a private matter between David Campbell, his wife and his children. It is sure to be a difficult time and I hope they are able to get through it in good shape.
So why do I think it is grubby politics? Well like I said it is mostly a private matter. David Campbell has not broken any laws or parliamentary rules. He has always represented his electorate well and been a good hard working Parliamentarian. Where things get grubby is when I wonder why a reporter was hanging around the front of a gay venue waiting for David Campbell to leave, and who told him he would be there. It seems like a lucky break or the reporter was given information from someone who wanted to bring David Campbell down. I don’t think anyone is about to tell us what the truth is and we will all be left to make our own conclusions. I think some significant conclusions to come from the footage are that David Campbell was sneaking out a back entrance or trying to hide from anyone as he was leaving this building. The NSW Opposition has been after David Campbell for a long time and it just seems too convenient that this happened in way that they not even got any dirt on their hands with the Opposition hardly even making a comment on the matter. Enough of that for now. I am sure those of us intelligent enough to know how politics works will know why this has been revealed in this way at this time.

It has also been revealed that the NSW Government has no plans to make any further significant improvements to the Sates road network until atleast 2026.
This is quite unbelievable. Anyone who travels in Sydney or uses the states other major roads knows that there is an urgent need for a significant upgrade of the road system in NSW. This is another example of the failure of the NSW Labor Government to properly run the State of NSW. The most unfortunate thing in my opinion is that there doesn’t really seem to be any good alternatives on the opposite side of NSW politics.

One thing is for sure. The Labor Government is going to have hard task in the up coming state election and the people of NSW have some hard decisions to make. Keep the current non performing Government or elect a seemingly ineffective Opposition. A tough decision, which way will the people decide?

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