Labor dealt a blow in Penrith.

The New South Wales Labor Government has seen a massive swing against it in today’s Penrith by-election.

The Liberal Party has taken the seat of Penrith, in Sydney’s west, with a resounding swing in what was a safe Labor electorate.
Liberal candidate Stuart Ayres has received a primary vote of 17067 against John Thain, the Labor candidate, 8200 votes.
With such a massive swing against Labor it seems almost certain, if it wasn’t already, that the Labor Government in New South Wales will come to an end in next years State Elections.

In what could add an interesting twist to the in upcoming State Elections, the Greens gained a swing of 7.3% percent, which could see them holding a balance of power with a probable Liberal State Government. I am sure this will be an uncomfortable arrangement for the NSW Liberals.

What can Kristina Keneally pull out of the bag to save her party?
Will the Labor party resign themselves to defeat or will they put up a decent fight? I hope they do but do they have it in them. I just don’t know.

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