Julia wins.

Julia Gillard is now Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

Julia Gillard and Wayne Swann – Photo from ABC TV

Julia Gillard now has the job of leading the Labor Party into the next election but can she lead them to victory? Only time will tell but one thing is certain her job will not be easy.

Mike Foreshaw announced that Julia Gillard has been elected by the Labor Caucus unopposed after Kevin Rudd stood aside during the Caucus meeting. Indeed there was a lot of pressure on Rudd to stand aside and save himself the embarrassment of a messy leadership vote. Wayne Swann has also been elected as Deputy PM by the Labor Caucus.

Big changes will be needed. Changes to the mining tax. Action on the ETS. Certainly a less a less arrogant leadership style will be required.

With Julia Gillard as PM how will this change the look of Labor’s from bench. Wayne Swann is deputy PM but who else will fill the new cabinet. We will have to see who will take on Treasury and other key ministries. Certainly people the of Julia Gillard’s Cabinet will speak loud about who is behind and where her influences are.

With Julia Gillard now Australia’s first female Prime Minister is this really an important issue or is it more important that the person be right for the job.

I wish Julia the best of luck she will certainly need it.
Now is the time to see what people have to say most of all Julia Gillard.

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