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Rudd’s job on the line.

Kevin Rudd has announced that there will be a leadership vote at 9:00am tomorrow morning (Thursday 24th June).

In his recent press conference tonight Kevin Rudd went over what he has achieved in his time so far as Prime Minister, things like the economy, education and apology but says “there is much more to be done.”

When asked questions about whether he felt betrayed or whether he would expect Julia Gillard to stand down as Deputy PM if she lost, Kevin Rudd totally avoided the questions.

According to many news reports and Labor sources Kevin Rudd does not have the numbers to win the leadership vote but said in his press conference that he will be standing against Julia Gillard in an attempt to keep the Prime Ministership. He also said he felt he would win. Is this just positive thinking or is he just fooling himself.

Some Labor members have already come out and publicly said they will be voting for Julia Gillard. Kate Lundy, a Labor Senator for the ACT has said on Twitter “I will be voting for Julia Gillard in the l’ship ballot. She will be an inspiring PM!”

Most importantly for Julia Gillard is that she has the support of the AWU, the union that supported Kevin Rudd to his election win in 2007.
With such powerful support Julia Gillard certainly has the upper hand in tomorrow mornings caucus meeting.

Paul Howes, the National Secretary of the AWU says “Labor’s message had been lost for the last few weeks, and in fact months, under the Prime Minister’s leadership,” he told ABC’s Lateline program.

“We have to look at what’s in the best interests of our members, of our union, to ensure that fairness remains in our members’ workplaces.

“We think that Julia Gillard is the best option to lead Labor to victory at the upcoming election.”

They have clearly positioned themselves behind Julia Gillard which will almost guarantee her a victory tomorrow but of nothing is certain in politics.

The timing to also adds an interesting twist to these events. With Federal Parliament about to break, will this be an advantage for Julia Gillard, allowing her to settle into the Prime Ministers position without the distraction of Parliament Will it just make it harder for her to get the new Labor message, that come with her, out to the people she will be asking to vote for her and her party.

If Julia Gillard wins,will she be able to lead the Labor Party to an unlikely election win? If Kevin Rudd wins I am sure nothing will change and Labor will loose for sure.

With nothing more to be done tonight other than watch the Socceroos play Serbia in the World Cup tonight we will all have to wait until tomorrow morning to see what happens.

Rudd could be close to getting the arse.

Labor Party leaders are locked in talks tonight about Kevin Rudd’s leadership.

In what seems to be a move coming from the Victorian and South Australian Right, powerful party figures have been secretly canvassing numbers for a move to dump the Prime Minister and replace him with his deputy, Julia Gillard.

Haven’t the Labor party learned that leadership spills don’t win elections or are they just desperate to salvage as many votes as they can.

Now for what it is worth, I think Julia Gillard would be a leader, but can she win the election. Only time will tell but it will be a long shot.

I think the one saddest part about Julia Gillard possibly becoming Australia’s first female Prime Minister is that she won’t have been voted in by the people. Just like Kristina Kenneally, the NSW Premier, she will be there for political reasons not democratic ones.

Somehow I can’t help feeling that Labor would be better off getting Kevin Rudd to change some of his more unpopular policies and show that he is willing to listen and represent the people instead of creating the instability that always comes with a leadership spill.

According to a number of sources, much of the support for the spill comes from the AWU, who were instrumental in Labor’s election win in 2007.
Could this union backing along with a Gillard leadership make the difference in the election or will it end up just being a desperate attempt to salvage what Labor can.

As I write this Kevin Rudd is about to hold a press conference so stay tuned this could be interesting.