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Republican Leadership Tussle Looms.

Colin Powell former U.S. Secretary of State issued a challenge to former Vice President Dick Cheney, saying that Republicans should not bow to “diktats that come from the right wing.”
The challenge came during an interview on the CBS talk show “Face the Nation” on Sunday. Mr Powell was strident in rebutting remarks by Mr Cheney and Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio commentator, The he was no longer a Republican and should leave the party. “Rush will not get his wish” and “Mr Cheney was misinformed. I am still a Republican” he said.

Mr Powell’s appearance highlighted an extraordinary public struggle among Republicans over the future of the party and the legacy of the Bush administration, particularly on national security.
Mr Powell has sided with Obama over plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camps where Cheney has been opposed, just as he was opposed to former President George Bush’s plans to eventually close the prison camps. Still Powell did fault Obama for not having a detailed plan on how Guantanamo would be closed down.
Other signs of leadership struggles are Tom Ridge, who was a Secretary of Homeland Security for Mr. Bush, saying on CNN that he disagreed with Mr. Cheney that the nation was less safe because of Mr. Obama’s national security policies. The comments from Mr ridge and Mr Powell do not help Republican Congress members trying to highlight national security concerns coming from Obama’s to release Guantanamo prisoners.
But Karl Rove, who was Mr. Bush’s senior political adviser, saluted Mr. Cheney for leading the fight. He was doing what other Republicans were not. “The vice president feels very strongly that the administration has mischaracterized and distorted the Bush administration’s record,” Rove said in an interview.
So it seems there are many mixed messages coming down to Republican constituents making it hard for them to know exactly what their party is up to. Hopefully the Republican leaders can get their stories together before the next Presidential Election or they will seem doomed to another election loss.