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NSW votes.

Well the people of New South Wales have sent a clear message to the out going Labor Government.
The last time I wrote here was just after the Federal Election in November last year and the Federal Labor Party narrowly got into government with the now famous hung parliament.
New South Wales Labor has suffered an overwhelming loss and has lost power.
What will this mean for New South Wales?

Well that is hard to know. The Liberal Party have not given us a lot of information on what the plan for NSW. They certainly have a big job ahead of them to bring NSW back to its previous standing as the “Premier State” and the leading state economy in Australia.
With a predicted majority of 66 seats in the lower house the Liberals will have a lot of power but will they get the same power in the upper house.
As we saw with the Howard Federal Government, such absolute power is a dangerous thing. As Labor have said in their campaign, such great power is like a blank cheque. Lets hope that they don’t get a blank cheque or if they do that they use it wisely.

Kristina Keneally while retaining her seat has stepped down as leader of the Labor party. I guess it is understandable. No one wants to be Opposition Leader after being Premier. So what will this mean for the next Labor leader and who will take on this poisoned chalice. Only time will tell.
I am sure there will be plenty happen in the coming months and hopefully the Liberal Party will step up to the plate and put things right in the state of New South Wales.

Tony Abbott – Unbelievably Scripted.

The 7:30 Report’s Kerry O’Brien is turning out to have quite the knack for ruffling our leaders feathers. Last week he stirs Kevin Rudd and this week Tony Abbott admits that what he is saying isn’t the truth unless it’s scripted.
Not that this is news to anyone. We all know that little of what politicians tell us is the truth but I can not remember a time when one has admitted to it
Tony Abbott told Kerry O’Brien that “in the heat of the moment” he often went further with promises than he should and “the statements that need to be taken absolutely as gospel truth are those carefully prepared scripted remarks.”
So now we need to be sure whether Tony is making a scripted statement or a comment in the heat of the moment. This, I am sure will be a handy little out for Tony Abbott should he have any promises that he doesn’t want to keep should he win the fast approaching election.
Of course the Labor Party wasted no time using the comment to thier advantage posting a video on you tube showing the two sides of Tony Abbott. Phony Tony and Heat of the moment Tony. Who will be talking next? I guess only Tony Abbott will know.

Costello Calls It Quits.

“Everybody Mr Costello has left the building.”
Well not quite but he will be very soon. Peter Costello has announced today that he will not be renominating for the next Federal election.

The announcement drew praise from both sides of the house, something not often felt by Mr Costello before.

During question time Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said it was an important day for Mr Costello. “It should be marked appropriately,” he told Parliament, praising the former treasurer for his significant role in the formation of the G20 finance ministers group. He also acknowledged Mr Costello’s role in addressing the Asian financial crisis, adding it had helped Australia’s relationships with its neighbours. Mr Rudd also described these achievements as being correct decisions in the national interest.

Peter Costello leaves after 20 years in Federal Parliament, 11 of those as Federal Treasurer.

As Mr Costello’s career in parliament draws to a close the Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull breathes a sigh of relief. No longer will the specter of a leadership challenge from Mr Costello be a threat to him.
Maybe now the Australian Liberal Party can get on with preparing for the next federal elections without the worry of leadership instability and put up a reasonable campaign.

In the meantime I am sure most people would wish Mr Costello well in his future post on the International Advisory Board of the World Bank.