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North Korea Explains Its Stand on Nuclear Test.

The latest information on the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) contains a statement from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) Foreign Ministry (North Korean Foreign Ministry) regarding the UNSC’s threat of additional sanctions.

In the statement they seek to justify their reasons for conducting nuclear and missile tests to maintain their own national security.

The Statement from the DPRK Foreign Ministry starts by saying “Over the past several decades, the DPRK has made every possible effort for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but the U.S., instead of seeking a substantial removal of nuclear threats, has steadily increased the level of pressure upon the DPRK and it has eventually brought even the six-party talks to collapse in wanton violation of the principles of respect for the sovereignty and sovereign equality, the underlying spirits of the September 19 Joint Statement, over the DPRK’s launch of satellite, the universally recognized right of each state.”

The statement goes on to say ” At present, some countries were shocked at the news of the DPRK’s second nuclear test. But an exceptional act has its exceptional reason.
The recent nuclear test conducted by the DPRK is the 2054th one on the earth.
The five permanent members of the UNSC have conducted 99.99 percent of all the nuclear tests.
Those countries have posed the biggest nuclear threats to the world. But they took issue with our first nuclear test, which was conducted in October 2006 as a self-defensive measure to cope with increased nuclear threats by the U.S., terming it a “threat to the international peace” and adopted the sanctions resolution against the DPRK. This is exactly the UNSC Resolution 1718.”

They also explain their position on Nuclear Non Proliferation and the Missile Technology Control Regime saying “The DPRK is neither a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty nor to the Missile Technology Control Regime or MTCR. Such being the case, it has a right to conduct as many nuclear tests or missile launches as it wants in the event that the supreme interests of the state are infringed upon. Such self-defensive measures do not run counter to any other international law.”

Looking at this statement on face value it would seem that North Korea could be quite justified in believing they have every right to conduct these tests. Why shouldn’t they be able to do what they feel they have to, to ensure their own security. Other countries spend huge amounts of money developing sophisticated military technology and what North Korea seems to want is to exercise its sovereign rights as it seems fit. A fair expectation I guess.

The problem that many other countries have with North Korea having nuclear weapons and the capability to attack almost any other country in the world is can they be trusted. North Korea’s boisterous stance is legendary and the fear is that this could lead to extreme action and the possible use of weapons of mass destruction.
North Korea does not seem willing to listen to its large and powerful ally in China and it is this type of attitude that causes such concern.

I guess the problem is how do you balance international security with with a countries sovereign rights. Do you allow North Korea to develop a nuclear capability and trust that they will use it as a deterrent just like every other nuclear power in the world.

I understand the agreement that the existing nuclear powers have not to limit the spread of nuclear weapons with the eventual disarmament and a peaceful use of nuclear energy, but North Korea has never been a signatory of this agreement so you can understand how they can feel that they shouldn’t be forced to comply with it.

What ever happens I only can only hope that a peaceful solution can be found.