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Could Pelosi Be The Chink In Obama’s Armour?

U.S. President Barack Obama has always maintained a nice clean down to earth image. He appears to be very approachable and friendly. As far as we know hasn’t bothered any White House interns, yet, and he is the dedicated family man. How could anybody find anything wrong with him. Ok maybe people will criticise his political leanings but these are just their opinions of his ideology and not a real criticism of the person.

Then you have Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, the most powerful woman in Washington. It is Pelosi who the Republicans seem to be going after now.
With her perfectly coifed hair, perfectly tailored suits and her rich banker husband she is exactly the type of out of touch ‘Limousine Liberal’ that the Democrats have been looking for. She is also not so clean when it comes to scandal. Pelosi is one of a handful lawmakers who was briefed by the Central Intelligence Agency in 2002 on “waterboarding” and other extreme interrogation tactics used against prisoners in the Bush era. She now accuses the agency of lying to her and hiding what it was doing.
Republicans have attacked Pelosi for making unsubstantiated and damaging accusations against a crucial national security agency.
The man who once had her job, former Republican speaker Newt Gingrich, says Pelosi is lying in a way that is “despicable, dishonest and vicious.”
Now that Obama has ordered that such methods be stopped Republicans are asking why other Democrats who could have stopped these tactics, did nothing.
This is where Pelosi becomes the chink in Obama’s armour. The House of Representatives is the place where taxes and spending starts. So almost every one of Obama’s plans will have to pass through Pelosi.
Obama is still remarkably popular and most of the country hopes that he’ll succeed in rebuilding the economy and ending the war in Iraq.
The President would seem to be immune from easy attacks so the opposition needs someone who isn’t. In steps Pelosi. As far as targets go she is the one. She has the out of touch image and the back door scandal to be the weak Democrat link the the Republicans are looking for.