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Turnbull Concedes Rudd Is Not Involved But Attacks Anyway

Malcolm Turnbull has finally conceded attacks on Kevin Rudd cannot be sustained. This has not, however, stopped him from going on the attack.

Of course there was another lively session in Federal Parliament today with calls from both sides of the house for the relevant parties to resign. Despite Malcolm Turnbull’s concession that attacks on Kevin Rudd couldn’t continue in regard to the Utegate affair, he tried a different line of attack. Turnbull’s attacks on Kevin Rudd today centered on a Bennelong car dealer.

The car dealer approach Rudd “at a small business function” that he “attended with the member for Bennelong.”

So what is the point that the Leader of the Opposition is trying to make here. Surely Kevin Rudd is allowed to talk to people at functions he attends and if people ask questions of him surely they are entitled to answers. The purpose of this car dealer approaching Mr Rudd was to ask about the OzCar scheme and whether it was up and running. Surely this was reasonable and attacks of this nature can not be sustained either.

Is this just a tactic by Mr Turnbull to divert attention away from the fake email the he relied so heavily on?

The last week has shown that Malcolm Turnbull lacks the judgment to be the alternative Prime Minister. Not checking the validity of information before launching such a vicious attack and not knowing when move on are pretty basic skills required of any politician. Mr Turnbull needs to move aside as Leader of the Opposition or the Liberal Party needs remove to him to save themselves and get on with the business of opposition and leave these poorly founded attacks behind them.

Wayne Swan has tabled documents which show that he did not give preferential treatment to John Grant. So the subject should be closed.

There clearly has not been any corruption from Kevin Rudd or Wayne Swan and the opposition needs to stop flogging this dead horse. It clearly is not going anywhere.

There is important work to be done in Parliament. The politicians in Canberra need to get on with it and stop their petty bickering before Parliament breaks.

The British MP’s Expenses Mess Gets Messier.

British MP’s have had a bad time lately with revelations that some of them have been rorting their expenses in private spending.
The latest of the MP’s to be caught up is Conservative MP Sir Peter Viggers, who has been forced to announce his resignation Thursday over the STG1,600 ($3,253) duck island installed in his estates pond.

MP Viggers, who has been MP for Gosport on the southern English coast since 1974, was ordered by Conservative Party chief David Cameron to quit or be fired after the revelation.
Other MP’s caught up in this scandal include Tory MP Andrew MacKay with his wife Julie Kirkbride also facing calls to quit as an MP, Labour MP Eric Joyce, Welsh MPs Hywel Williams, Elfyn Llwyd and Adam Price who used expenses to research a possible impeachment of Tony Blair, Senior Liberal Democrat MP Malcolm Bruce, Conservative MP Derek Conway are just a few to be named.
And the scandal just gets messier as it is revealed that the former SAS soldier who blew the whistle, John Wick, has left a trail of bad debts from a succession of failed businesses.
Mr Wick has reportedly left a string of 16 collapsed businesses behind him, with debts totalling more than £7million. His failed business ventures are said to have left former military comrades tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket.
I guess the question has to be asked have his action really been done out of a public duty or has it just been a greedy move to sell his big story to the media.
I don’t think this story has finished here so I would keep my eye out for more news on this one.