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Hot Liberal Chicks.

What a scandal it as for Australian politics it as when a blog site posted sexy pictures of women from the Australian Liberal Party in an effort to recruit more young men to join the party.

In a media frenzy the site was exposed as terribly sexist and shameful. However the websites author, Washington-based blogger and member of the Ashfield branch of the Young Liberals Tim Andrews wrote “To put it simply, we have all the hot girls”.

Amongst the frenzied reaction to the blog were comments from the likes of the former federal sex discrimination commissioner and NSW Liberal MP Pru Goward “I’m disappointed that he’s misjudged the importance of a political party like ours, which for so long has defended the dignity of men and women,” she said. “We do need to recruit young people . . . and I commend Tim for having a go, but I think that we have to remember that people join political parties because of the facts, not the figures.”
It is good to see that the Liberals not only have the pretty women but the witty ones as well.
NSW Liberal leader Barry O’Farrell was not so impressed, he said “I find it a disappointing and unacceptable posting,” he said. “I am offended by the some of the blog responses.”
Mr Andrews based his blog idea on conservative commentator P.J. O’Rourke’s “babe-theory”, which suggests if you have attractive women in a party, there is an exponential rise in the number of men wanting to join.
I am sure it is a commendable theory but is this really the motive you want for people joining a political party.
Australian Labor Leader Prime Minister Kevin Rudd refused to be drawn on the quality of women in the Labor Party saying only that they had people with “qualities of their own”.
While I am sure the site was meant as a bit of fun, it is a shame that the Australian political scene can be distracted by such a trivial matter when there are so many more important issues in these times.
Tim Andrews has taken the post down, but has promised that a revised version will be published very soon. I am sure we can’t wait for that.