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Collective voices set to change politics to be truly By the People and For the People

We believe that we can change the world together

We started this website because the world’s governments care little about their people.  We need a place to speak our minds on how we should run the government.   We need to get corruption out of government and have better ways to bring moral and logical people into office.  

This place is set up so you can easily voice your opinion in a way not seen on many other sites.  We honor the Bill of Rights of United States, so you have complete freedom of speech, expression, religion, and press.  Express your mind and point of view; however, expect others also to express themselves.

We fully believe in the right to assemble peacefully and set up an easy system to do so.  You can set up or join groups that share your interest. We have a straightforward approach to communicating with one another and set up calendar events to organize and endorse your non-violent assembly.  Remember, this doesn’t mean “mostly peaceful,” nor does it mean to stage a riot; however, peaceful assembly is a right that must always be preserved.

We will be bringing a system for politicians to reach their constituents easily.  The difference is we will not allow politicians to bad-talk the competition as we only want to hear how this person will resolve issues and his or her plan.  We want you to know if this person aligns with your beliefs or if he or she is a lost cause.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Join the movement to bring real change to politics in the right direction. Politics built by the people for the people!

PoliticalConcern.com is owned by Dallas Grant’s Computing

Dallas Grant owns many websites and domain names and operates. He believes we need to make politics for the people and we need to protect our freedoms. Too many people in politics are corrupt and need to be removed. He thinks we need to get closer to the point of no return due to the massive corruption on both sides of the aisle.

He decided to start this site to allow people to speak their minds and work with one another to form a better government and devise ways to ensure corruption in government comes to a halt and how we prosecute the corruptors.  He believes that together we can change everything.

This site is free to use and free for anyone of any political beliefs to use and operate.  We cannot be a success if we are an echo chamber or if we are such a divided society.  Think logically, not idiotically!

This is a Minnesota Made website!

What you post is protected by the laws of the United States and the State of Minnesota.  Remember that “hate speech” laws are entirely unconstitutional based on the bill of rights.  Speech is not violence; only actions of violence are violence.  Do not encourage violent acts or illegal activities.  Block people you don’t want to hear!

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